A Note From The Publisher

Hello dear readers, there’s a lot of ground to cover here so bear with us:

Effective today, the full edition of The Forum will be made available online right here, each Thursday, at no charge, until further notice. All out-of-market print and digital subscribers will have their subscriptions extended by the number of weeks this plan remains in effect.

At this time, free Canada Post delivery to all residential and farm mailboxes remains in effect for readers in Colfax, Davin, Edenwold, Francis, Glenavon, Gray, Kendal, Kronau, Lajord, Lewvan, Montmartre, Odessa, Osage, Riceton, Richardson, Sedley, Tyvan, Vibank, Zehner.

As well, readers in Balgonie, Emerald Park, Pilot Butte and Balgonie who wish to receive a physical copy of the paper each week can contact us and mailbox delivery will be provided free of charge until further notice. Owing to a large number of buildings and businesses which have closed their doors to the general public, along with health considerations for our own staff, we are temporarily suspending newsstand delivery in these four communities.

All of this is to say that, for most of you, there are no changes at this time to the product or delivery model you’ve come to expect. For the rest of you, we are still covering your communities closely as well – the delivery method is just going to look a little different for the immediate future.

We are providing regular updates in our print and online editions of the latest changes, closures, cancellations and (eventually) resumption of regular services/events.

We will also be offering – once again indefinitely – FREE classified advertising for anyone who is either in need of, or able to offer, a personal service (transporation, food delivery, child care, etc.) All we ask is that the service providers themselves also be doing so at no charge.

And, whether you’re quarantined, self-isolating or working from home (by choice or otherwise), we’d love to see how you’re passing the time through all of this. Feel free to email us with your photos from home and a short description of what’s going on in the picture, and we will choose some of the best ones for publication each week. Extra consideration will be given to everyone who keeps it family-friendly.

Lastly, as best as you are able, please do your part to support our advertisers by shopping local whenever possible. They are the reason we are able to provide this service on a weekly basis and, to many of them, your business will be more valuable to them now than it has ever been. If you happen to remember to tell them you saw it in The Forum while you’re at it, we certainly won’t stop you.

If you’re a customer yourself and reading this, all regular payment options (cheque, credit card, e-transfer) are still available to you as usual.

Thanks for your understanding and support, however you are able to offer it. Call, text or email any time if you have any further questions for us.