Southeast Regional Library (SRL) offered residents from communities throughout the region a chance to learn cooking basics from Sioux chef Dickie Yuzicapi during a live virtual event held Feb. 22.

The event was part of the Library Services for Saskatchewan Aboriginal Peoples’ annual Saskatchewan Aboriginal Storytelling Month event and offered participants an experience that blended cooking with storytelling.

“I was raised by my great-grandma and grandpa and lived with them until I was 12 years old,” said Yuzicapi. “They were both born before Saskatchewan was a province so I learned right from the source. I learned how to cook right off the bat, I was always by my kokum’s side learning from her. I baked my first cake when I was five and it only took me 13 minutes. That’s what a wood stove will do.”

Yuzicapis’ grandparents passed away when he was 12 and he was then sent to the Lebret Residential School …………….

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