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The Best of 2017 (kind of …)

[GREAT BALLS OF FIRE! Yorkton’s Larry Hilworth put the scheduled Canada 150 fireworks on notice with this run, before a record crowd at the third annual Thunder on the Prairies truck and tractor pulls, which were held July 6-7 in Odessa. Forum photo by Carly Schatz, originally published on July 13, 2017.]

OK, OK, we get it. After weathering a deluge of “Where’s my paper??” comments (actual number: One) toward the end of 2017, it became apparent that waiting a couple weeks through our annual Christmas closure is to the local adult population what waiting for Santa is to children under the age of 6. (Who’s kidding who, they’ve all Googled it – or discovered the Toys R Us logo on their baby brother’s Santa present – by the time they hit Grade 1 haven’t they?)

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